Aeration System Improvements at GLWA WRRF

In September 2016, Weiss Construction was awarded a $15.9 Million dollar contract with GLWA for the rehabilitation of the existing Wastewater Aeration system, at GWLA's Waste-Water Resource Recovery Facility in Detroit, Michigan.

GLWA Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility

This project scope includes the complete replacement of the following:

  • Removal of existing influent piping with new fabricated steel and CCFRPM piping
  • Removal and replacement of magnetic flowmeters
  • Removal and replacement of gate valves, fabricated wedge valves, butterfly valves, and sluice gates, and associated motor operated valve and gate actuators
  • Related architectural, structural, HVAC and Electrical / I&C Improvements

To maintain existing WRRF plant operations, all work had to be completed in stages. This required close coordination with GLWA plant operations staff using 24/7 multiple work shifts operations. The project commenced in December 2016 and achieved final completion in September 2019.